Personalised Supplementation

Personalized Supplementation (PS)


What is Personalized Supplementation?


PS is a supplement formulated uniquely to a specific person with all the amino acids, vitamins, minerals and essentials sugars that this specific person needs to function optimally on a cellular level. The type, ratios and volumes for each specific substance in PS are determined by clinical biochemists after analysis of the results of a Quantitative Amino Acid Serum Test (blood test) or the completion of a Health Appraisal Questionnaire.


How can I obtain PS?


There are two ways to obtain PS. This first and the most effective way is through a Quantitative Amino Acid Serum Test (blood test). The results obtained through this blood test will give us the exact figures regarding imbalances of amino acids and derivates in a specific person’s cells, which will be used to formulate PS with 100% accuracy for that specific person. The second way of obtaining PS is by completing a Health Appraisal Questionnaire where the results will be used to formulate PS to a 70% degree of accuracy. Usually the second option is only recommended for people who cannot afford the blood test.


What are the benefits of PS?


Amino acids are the primary substrates used by any cell in the human body to help in performing all of its functions. If certain amino acids are absent or not in balance, vitamins and certain minerals cannot be used at all. That implies that even though a person may diligently drink his dosage of multi-vitamins every day, it may not have the effect it should have, because of the absence of these essential amino acids. The vitamins and minerals then drunk, actually goes to waste.


With the help of approximately 20 000 profiles on amino acid blood tests, analysed over a period of approximately 15 years, the health consequences of amino acid imbalances have been scientifically proven. These studies have shown that elevated or lowered amino acid levels outside their range of optimal functioning, play a very important primary role in the development and sustaining of numerous ailments, medical conditions and dysfunctions of organs in the body. The most common conditions include, but are not limited to:



Viral infections

Immune system dysfunctions


Muscle aches and pains

Diabetes (hyperglycaemia)

Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels)

Concentration problems

Intestinal problems (Dysbiosis; digestive problems)

Kidney stones


High and low blood pressure

Chronic fatigue

Low energy

Cardio-vascular problems


Sexual conditions

High acidity in the body (heartburn)

Sore joints


Ammonia detox problems


Calcium and/or magnesium deficiencies



Liver and kidney diseases

Poor wound healing

Panic and anxiety disorders





Multiple sclerosis




Hair loss


Sleep problems

Hypo and hyperthyroidism


By testing the levels of amino acids in a person’s blood, the exact type, ratios and volumes of vitamins and minerals can be determined to work with the amino acids for optimal cellular functioning. The PS formulated for a specific person therefore contains not only amino acids, but also vitamins and minerals in a complete comprehensive formula.


How are amino acid deficiencies determined?


There is only one very expensive device/machine in South Africa that is used to determine the levels of 63 amino acids, dipeptides and other derivates at work in the cells of a human body.   A professor and his team specialising in metabolic diseases, working together with a clinical biochemist with over 35 years’ experience in biochemistry (of which 15 years were spend with real patients in research and treatment of various medical conditions pertaining to amino acid and derivate imbalances in the cells of a human body), analyse the results obtained through the blood sample and then compile the PS.


How long should I use PS and what happens after that?


PS is drunk for a period of at least 6 months after which another amino blood serum test may be undertaken (if the person wishes to) to determine how the level of amino acids have adjusted and to determine if further PS is needed. If the amino acid levels are optimal, the person can terminate the PS and keep on supplementing with Pre-formulated Functional Supplements.


How effective is PS?


Through the implementation of PS with more than 20 000 patients over approximately 15 years, results have shown that PS significantly improved the patients’ health and overall feeling of well-being and it significantly lowered the chances of being affected by the above mentioned conditions. The results proved that amino acids are essential to any person’s physical-biological functioning and a powerful method of intervention in the prevention and remedy of health related issues.


Conditions associated with amino acid imbalances, as mentioned, can be totally eliminated or lessened to a certain degree, depending on all factors associated with the condition, like other medical problems, lifestyle, diet, hydration habits, medication and other supplementation.


The Quantitative Amino Acid Serum Test (blood test)

What is the procedure for such a blood test?


  1. Complete a form regarding your medical history. Click here to download the form. Print it, complete it and deliver it to Martie Janse van Rensburg in person or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All information is kept strictly confidential. We operate under a code of conduct that prohibits us to reveal any information to any third parties or other outside interested parties without your explicit written approval.
  2. Collect a form for the pathologists at Martie Janse van Rensburg. She makes use of Lancet laboratories in Montana Hospital due to the fact that the personnel there are familiar with her procedures. If you wish to make use of any other pathologist, even a Lancet in a different location than Montana Hospital, you have to provide them with the following form that will explain how the blood needs to be drawn, stored and couriered to the laboratory in Potchefstroom. This is very important, since contaminated blood samples cannot be used for the analysis and consequently a new sample has to be drawn and delivered to the lab in Potchefstroom.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: The person who undergoes the blood analysis should fast from 10 o’clock in the evening prior to the next day’s blood drawing until the blood is drawn. Results are not reliable if the person has not been in a fasting condition when the blood is drawn. No food or liquids (even water) should be taken until the blood has been drawn. The pathologists at Lancet - Montana Hospital are open every week day from 7:00 am. They are unable to store the blood effectively over a weekend and the courier does not deliver blood on a Friday, therefore please draw blood any week day from Monday to Thursday.
  4. Next, you have to go to a clinic, hospital or pathologist like Lancet to draw blood.
  5. Please inform Martie Janse van Rensburg on the day that you’ve drawn the blood that you’ve done so, by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This is necessary for her to keep the lab informed about the blood on its way and to require reports from the lab.
  6. The blood is then sent for analysis to the lab in Potchefstroom.
  7. After the blood has been analysed an amino acid serum profile is sent to Martie Janse van Rensburg, who then immediately requests a quote for personalised supplementation from the biochemist she works with. This quote together with a short report on the amino acid serum profile is then sent to you for your perusal.
  8. On your request and after payment for one month’s supply of PS, the PS will be compiled, which you can fetch from Martie Janse van Rensburg or it can be mailed to you with additional postal costs added to the total price of the PS.


What will PS cost me?


VERY IMPORTANT: There is no point in paying for the blood test and then not be in a position to buy the PS for at least 6 months. It’s a waste of money since the PS needs at least 6 months to be able to work effectively within the body’s cells and results can be seen. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO AFFORD THE MONTHLY EXPENSES REGARDING THE PS, BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR CHILD FOR A BLOOD ANALYSIS.



  1. Drawing of blood at pathologist + analysis - R1400 (paid at Lancet)
  2. Report (not compulsory) - R250 (paid to Martie Janse van Rensburg into the following account:

Account holder:      MM Janse van Rensburg

Bank:                   ABSA

Branch:                Sinoville

Branch code:         632005

Type of account:    Cheque

Account number:    712269316

Please use the patient's name and surname on whom the blood analysis is performed as reference with the deposit/transfer and send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. confirming proof of payment.

3. PS - Approximately R700 per month excluding additional recommended supplements which do not form part of the PS formulation, as well as postage (Please note that this amount do vary from individual to individual and may be higher or lower than mentioned here).                          


If you go ahead with this, I would like to thank you for making use of these services. I’m sure that it will make a real difference in your and your child’s life.