Short vowel CVC words

Short vowel CVC words


Here are the various documents regarding short vowel CVC words:


Exercise 1  

This exercise contains four versions of 20 short vowel CVC words.  In the first version every letter in the words is sounded.  In the second version the first to letters are sounded together.  In the third version the words are said slowly (coming soon) and in the fourth version the whole words are given to write down.  Detailed instructions are given in each exercise.  If you have any recommendations to enhance the quality of these exercises or if you come across any mistakes, feel free to contact EQEdu.  Please download the files here.


Exercise 2  

In this exercise the learner listens to words and then writes them.  He/she needs to analyse the words into their respective sounds when writing them down.  The learner needs to master this exercise by making the minimal amount of mistakes before moving onto the next phonics group.  The second exercise contains the answers.  Please download it here.